The various changes of the four seasons
Experience being at one with nature

Simple and beautiful

STORES 予約 から予約する

Japanese Nature Sauna

Sauna room F1

Sauna Room
This is a nostalgic Showa-era sauna (1st floor) built by renovating an 80-year-old warehouse.
You can spend your time in the quietness of the sauna while listening to the murmuring of the river.
By opening the small window on the river side, fresh air and the sound of the river flow into the room more closely.
The lighting is slightly dim, creating a space where you can fall asleep.

Domestic MOKI stove warms the room comfortably.

The rounded interior of the room is covered with plaster, and the steam gently envelops the whole body.

Inner air bath F2

Outside air bathing and inside air bathing
You can lie down on the wooden deck extending from the warehouse with the Ohkita River in front of you.
You can also lie down in the indoor air bath on the second floor while feeling the heat that is gradually transmitted from the sauna room on the first floor.
You can also enjoy grilled skewers of mountain trout, the queen of clear streams.

River (water bath)
The Ohkita River is 3 degrees Celsius in winter and 18 degrees Celsius in summer.
Dip into the crystal clear stream water and feel the flow on your skin.
The murmuring stream that you have always heard and the zero distance…


Traditional Japanese Sauna named “Koamigame(コアミガメ)
Beautiful Nature and River Traditional Japanese old house Sauna in a renovated 80-year-old warehouse.
A wonderful space where you can feel great traditional Japan.

Designed by MIRANT Corporation 
Produced by: The Sauna Noda Klaxon Bebe 
Carpentry: Suzuki isamu Jutaku Kogyo

Facilities and Equipment

¥300Quick-drying T-shirts / shorts
¥600Bath towel / poncho
¥1,000TETERA Poncho

Capacity: 6 people

Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

*The area is difficult to receive signal except for Softbank line. (Wi-Fi is available.)

❍Drinks (water, Umepo, etc.) are available for self-service.
❍Pets are allowed. A dog run and pet room are available.
❍You can bring your own food and drinks.

Hours & Fees

A.M.10:00~13:00¥30,000 (tax included)
P.M.14:00~17:00¥30,000 (tax included)
■Cancellation Policy
If you wish to cancel or change your reservation, please contact us at least 4 days in advance ([Reservation website] → [Inquiry] if the restaurant is closed on a regular holiday).
▶Cancellation Policy
From 00:00 on the day of stay: 100% of the plan rate including tax
1 day prior to the day of stay after 00:00: 50% of the total plan price including tax
4 days prior to check-in date after 00:00: 30% of the total stay including tax
7 days prior to arrival date after 00:00: 20% of the plan rate (tax incl.)
Cancellation on the day of your stay or the day before your stay: please contact us by phone.