Private house

The main building, which serves as the accommodation wing, is 90 years old.
It has been passed down from the Showa period to Reiwa preriod.
In a nostalgic space…
For those who want to spend time with traditional Japanese satoyama and nature.

Dazzling in the morning, dark at night



There are two types of bedrooms: Japanese-style tatami mat rooms and Western-style rooms.
You can choose between futon bedding and bed.
Futon (Japanese-style room): up to 5 persons, bed (Western-style room): up to 2 persons



Local food set

Guests can cook their own meals using ingredients provided by the inn.

【Dinner】 Special curry set
[Ingredients] Curry roux, onions, meat, and rice

【Breakfast】 Natto rice set
[Ingredients] rice, miso soup, natto and egg

About Fees

Overnight stay without meals¥12,000/ person
Local food set※¥3,000/ person

Notes on Reservations

Other combination examples

✓Sauna from the previous night
(1) [Overnight stay] 17:00-23:00 (9:00 the next day) + (2) [Private sauna] 10:00-13:00
✓Leisurely one day
①[Private sauna] 10:00-13:00 → Sightseeing around + ②[Overnight stay] 17:00-23:00 (9:00 the next day)


If you have any questions, please send them to the following address.